Sebiro Security Services Sdn Bhd is a subsidiarie company of Sebiro Holdings Sdn Bhd from Sarawak which was incorporated with the mission of spearheading change to the Security Service industry by providing the best ever Security Services in Malaysia.  

Sebiro Security was born for the need to redefine professionalism in the security industry. Backed by expertise of the team of renown security specialists who among them have more than 20 years of demonstrated experience in the industry.  

Sebiro Security has developed into a major pro-active, customer-focused provider for security service's is wide ranging and reaches out to commercial and office establishments, banks, embassies, residential properties, manufacturing facilities plantations, hotels and many other industries in Malaysia.  

As a specialist in security services, Sebiro Security provide comprehensive consultancy services, innovative and smart technological security services skilled management of security systems, professional protection services reputable training and development, confidential investigation services efficient facility management and secure storage facilities.
The success of every leading company is driven by its vision. Our vision is to ensure that every building and every home exists in a safe and secure environment. The key to this vision is to be sensitive to our clients needs to security and confidentially.
Our mission to strive for and ensure a successful solution to security measures undertaken by Sebiro Security based on the following principles. We subscribe to this :-

Commitment to protecting our client's interest, investments and life.

Commitment that our clients must enjoy the highest standard of professionalism in the Security Industry.

Commitment to providing our clients with the latest in technology in the Security Industry.

Commitment to spearheading innovation and changing the security services industry.
Thinking of Making Changes in Your Security Programmed?
Well go ahead, SEBIRO SECURITY SERVICES is at your service be it for the changes or your guard force or you entire Security Programmed, we are here with the resources and expertise.

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